SUP Team: Erika, Lloyd and Tawny
SUP: Shine Under Pressure
Erika, Tawny and Lloyd for NPC

Why We're Running

We’re Lloyd, Erika and Tawny, and we’re the Shine Under Pressure (SUP) slate for DSA NPC! All three of us have been leaders in DSA, and we believe that its explosive growth has made it a great place to organize. But we think DSA can be even better. For us, that means a capable National that can keep admin work flowing and provide support to chapters both large and small. We want National to be more responsive to member needs and DSA to be a place where leftists of all stripes can build socialism together. We think that demands strong experience with a variety of things like budgeting, organizational structure and strategic planning.

All three of us have unique experience handling crises of various sort (whether that’s fundraising deadlines or a citywide flood), and we think that as people who shine under pressure, we’d be great choices to help run a new, capable National. So vote the SUP slate in Atlanta, and let us help you shine too!


An Organized National

  • Build working groups and other structures focused on organizing members into national work and developing leaders for a truly member-led DSA.
  • Reorient DSA toward transparency and accessibility — this is our organization, and we should have full participation in it.

Strong Locals

  • Distribute direct material support to locals so they have what they need to grow and thrive.
  • Connect locals together to share expertise, training materials and infrastructure so we're learning from each other and not reinventng the wheel.

A Big Tent

  • Give locals freedom to organize how they see fit — win/lose campaigns, base building, coalition work, etc.
  • Create processes to evaluate local work by collecting data, facilitating discussion, and sharing stories across DSA so we know what works and what doesn’t.

We’re proud to be endorsed by the Rural, Suburban and Small City Caucus and recommended by Build DSA!

Erika Portrait

Erika P from Lincoln, Nebraska

Hey comrades! I'm Erika, I use they/them pronouns, and I'm a non-binary farm kid originally from rural Nebraska. I helped start the DSA Lincoln chapter and just finished up my second term as Chair. I've helped plan our regional Red State conference and other training programs for Nebraska DSA chapters, and want to give members similar opportunities to learn from each other. We all have knowledge and experience to share!

I've been a professional fundraiser for almost a decade and I'm ready to bring my administrative skills, love of budgets and creativity to the NPC.

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Lloyd Portrait

Lloyd G from Ann Arbor, Michigan

I'm Lloyd, and I use they/them or he/him pronouns. I'm a queer person organizing with Huron Valley DSA in southeast Michigan, after growing up in metro Atlanta.

I'm running because we need to make our organization more connected and build a national DSA that works for local chapters. My day job has taught me to think about how organizations are structured and how to improve those structures for the people doing the work every day. I'm excited to use the organizational, project management and general administrative skills my capitalist overlords have taught me to contribute to the fight to overthrow them!

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Tawny Portrait

Tawny T from North Brooklyn, New York

I’m Tawny (she/her), and I was originally in Houston DSA where I co-ran the Harvey Relief Muck and Gut Crew (aka the #FemmeDemoCrew) and started the SocFem reading group! Now I’m in North Brooklyn DSA, where I help out with political education and new member events. But before I was in DSA, I spent eight years organizing for reproductive justice doing abortion funding work!

I’m running because I want to help connect chapters to share knowledge and skills the same way Oklahoma City DSA shared theirs with us during Hurricane Harvey, and to help support chapter growth all over the country through admin support.

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